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Common Stabilizers for PVC sheet
Apr 25, 2017

PVC plate because of its unique characteristics, in many places can see its figure, such as office, residential, ships, advertising signs and so on daily life is seen. But in the production of PP plate, the need to add some stabilizer, and the commonly used PP plate stabilizer is what, the simple introduction of plastic two species: 1. Lead salt stabilization system. Lead salts heat stabilization system has the advantages of good thermal stability and low price, is the most commonly used stabilizer varieties in China, mainly suitable for opaque products or not high toxic requirements for the use of products. 2. Organic Tin heat stabilization system. The stability of the organic tin stability system is best, but because of the high price (4 times times higher than the lead salt). Due to the non-lubricating effect of the organic tin stabilization system, the internal lubricant is required.

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