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PP board has been used in all walks of life
Apr 25, 2017

With the development of fast-attack industry, a variety of synthetic materials continue to emerge, in which the development of more mature, more widely used is PP board. PP board is a synthetic material, its biggest advantage is the relatively high hardness, the melting point is relatively high, so commonly used in some of the hardness requirements of relatively high and high temperature environment for the production of products. The most common is that some of the appearance requirements are relatively low, but need to be exposed in the sun in the production of products. In addition to the high hardness and high melting point of the PP board, its environmental protection has a great advantage. Some ordinary plastics after the sun or long-term separation, will produce some harmful substances, these substances may cause carcinogenic distortion, and PP plate produced products are basically not harmful substances, non-toxic and tasteless is his greatest advantage. Therefore, some perceptual materials of PP board often make food packaging. Because PP plate price is not high compared to other plates, it is a kind of inexpensive products.

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