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Precautions for use of PVC plates
Apr 25, 2017

Now the PP board because of a good environmental protection effect, so that the use of PP board is more and more in place, pp board manufacturers introduce a lot of time not only for the use of PP board, some will choose some other plastic plates, such as the current use of PVC sheet is also very good, then for PVC sheet specific in the use of the time to have what attention? For the use of PVC sheet, careful use can play the effect of maintenance. PVC plate is basically the form of soft plate, PVC material is the thinnest of the time can be like a kind of plastic film, for this kind of product in the use of the time must pay attention, pp board manufacturer, although said that this kind of product has a good toughness, but the use of the time is also need to pay attention, try not to encounter sharp objects, to avoid damage to the PVC film, in addition its acid and the degree of the PP plate compared with the advantage of not much, Therefore, for PVC plate as far as possible do not do some acidic goods contact.

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