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The Application field of PP board
Apr 25, 2017

The Application field of PP board. Acid and alkali equipment, electroplating equipment, solar photovoltaic equipment, environmental protection equipment, waste water, exhaust emission equipment, washing tower, Cleanroom, semiconductor factory and related industrial equipment, is also the first choice for the manufacture of plastic water tanks, in which pp thick plates are widely used in stamping boards, mattresses, and so on. 1. Advertisement Kanban; 2. Recycling bins, including recycling bins, fruits and vegetables boxes, storage suitcases, stationery boxes; 3. Industrial panels, including wire and cable packaging protection, glass, steel, a variety of goods outside packaging protection, pad, shelf, clapboard, backplane, etc. 4. Protection Board, the era of building materials in the construction of cardboard, three splint protection is gone, with the progress of the Times and the promotion of taste, to ensure that the completion of the decoration design before the commissioning, should be given appropriate protection to maintain the operation of the economy, security and convenience, another building elevator, floor before acceptance of protection. 5. Electronic industry protection. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the IC wafer, IC packaging, testing, TFT-LCD, photoelectric and other electronic components of the packaging, the purpose is to avoid other charges of contact with the goods, resulting in the part due to charge friction sparks caused damage. In addition, there are conductive, antistatic plastic plates, turnover boxes and so on.

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