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Construction And Use Instructions Of PVC Formwork
Jun 12, 2017

Construction And Use Instructions Of PVC Formwork

First,PVC formwork, Scattered branches, scattered form removal is a common method of construction,The use 12,15mm PVC formwork is generally used wooden 50 x 50mm ,spacing between about 250-350mm, directly connected with the wooden. This construction wasteful great, but it is consistent with current labor construction.


Second, the curved bridge PVC formwork is the best kind of prefabricated bridge curved PVC formwork material which can guarantee the fair-faced concrete quality, and easy to work with, and to a large extent reduce the cost and improve the quality of construction, the use of about 12-15mm plate,can be processed into shaped PVC formwork, to the construction workers safety.


Third, the steel frame PVC formwork is a modular assembly PVC formwork. Mainly brought in a convenient, support is available for 100 × 100mm wooden,Spacing reserved 100-150mm clearance .Ensure the application of angles and square steel welded into steel box, and then insert the PVC formwork in the steel frame.using bolt and rivet connection between the steel frame, U-shaped cards and special fixture connections. This PVC formwork main advantage of long life cycle, high recycling value, easy to assemble,small amount of maintenance and clean.Steel frame PVC formwork is a combination of the best products now .


Fourth, aluminum frame PVC formwork in combination coefficients are the same, but the aluminum frame, PVC formwork advantage of light weight, large board, installation is very convenient, the turnover rate is high, the recovery value is high, many foreign construction industry has been using this PVC formwork.


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