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Plastic Steel Profile Advantage
Jun 12, 2017

Plastic steel profile advantage:

1. The price is cheap, plastic prices are far below the same strength and life of aluminum, due to the sharp rise in metal prices, this advantage is more obvious.

2. Color: color steel profiles for the building to add many beauties. Before the use of wooden doors and windows, doors and windows in order to achieve the harmony and the appearance of the building, in the paint surface paint doors and windows, ultraviolet radiation aging easily peel off a few years on the recognition, is not coordinated with the life of the building. Later, colored aluminum doors and windows were invented, but the prices were so expensive that ordinary consumers could not afford them. The use of plastic doors and windows perfectly solves this problem, and the color coated profiles can even make the wood grain out of the wood.

3. Durable: add reinforced steel in the profile cavity, so that the strength of the profile is greatly improved, with seismic, wind erosion resistance effect. In addition, the multi cavity structure of the profile is independent of the drainage cavity, so that the water can not enter the reinforced steel cavity, thus avoiding the corrosion of the profiled steel, and the service life of the doors and windows is improved. Join the anti ultraviolet component also makes the weather resistant steel profiles are improved, even if the strong ultraviolet tropical regions can be used.

4.Insulation performance is good: plastic steel bar itself thermal conductivity is far less than aluminum profile, in addition, multi cavity structure design is to achieve the effect of heat insulation. The results show that the indoor temperature of rooms with plastic doors and windows in the same type of summer is 5-7 degrees lower than that of aluminum windows and doors, and that in different parts of winter is 8-15 degrees higher.

5.Sound insulation performance: the installation of hollow glass, sealed plastic doors and windows, with excellent sound insulation performance, sound insulation has become the main conditions for the selection of doors and windows, especially in downtown residential. The plastic steel door and window assembly adopts welding technology, and with the closed multi cavity structure, the screen closing effect of the noise is obvious.



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