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Brief Introduction Of Plastic Profile Auxiliaries
Apr 25, 2017

Plastic Profiles Additives One: Impact modifier: Plastic profiles in the production of such as non-impact modifier, plastic profiles will be very brittle hard, a little collision, very easily broken. Plastic profiles in the production of commonly used anti-impact agent modifier mainly by the following three categories: chlorinated polyethylene, acrylic ester, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. Plastic profile Additives Two: Heat stabilizer: Plastic profiles are thermal sensitive plastics, so in the plastic profiled materials in the production and processing, heat stabilizer is indispensable. Heat stabilizer in the metal salts can absorb the decomposition of the HCL PVC, so can delay the decomposition of plastics and prolong the decomposition time, plastic profiles of the most commonly used in the production of composite lead salts, its thermal stability, high efficiency, low prices. Plastic profile Additives Three: Lubricants: the main role of lubricants is to reduce the polymer and processing equipment between the polymer and the internal molecules of friction, to prevent the excessive friction heat caused by the resin degradation, improve the efficiency of heat stabilizer.

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