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Brief Introduction Of PVC Concrete Formwork
Jul 12, 2017

PVC concrete formwork is also called wood plastic formwork, plastic template ,PVC building template and plastic steel template.

PVC concrete formwork is an energy-saving and environment-friendly products, after the wooden template, composite steel formwork, bamboo plywood, all steel template and a new type of product. Can completely replace the steel formwork, formwork, timber, traditional energy saving and environmental protection, low cost amortization.

PVC concrete formwork turnover can reach more than 30 times, can also be recycled. The utility model has the advantages of large range of temperature adaptation, strong adaptability of the specifications, convenient use of sawing and drilling. The smoothness and smoothness of the surface of the formwork exceed the technical requirements of the existing fair faced concrete formwork. It has the functions of flame retardance, corrosion resistance, water resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and has better mechanical and electrical insulation performance. Can meet the demands of building formwork of various cuboids and cubes, L shape, U shape requirements.

PVC concrete formwork is to insist on processing experience digest and absorb the European advanced equipment manufacturing technology and half on advanced products and technology, composite material formed by extruding the high temperature of 200℃.

PVC concrete formwork

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