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What Is Colorful Co Extrusion Profiles With Rubber
Aug 03, 2017

What is colorful co extrusion profiles with rubber


Colorful co-extrusion profiles are extruded by PMMA, ASA color materials and PVC base material through composite co-extrusion process.Co-extrusion profile Has excellent stability, weatherability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance. Color is more brilliant, more beautiful, and change the inherent quality defects of plastic doors and windows.


Coming with tape is through the advanced soft and hard co-extruded production process to make rubber and plastic profile come out of molds together.Rubber is glued with pvc profiles firmly and become one whole product. The co extrusion profiles with rubber are Double-channel seal ,no shrinkage , anti-aging, strong weatherability and without any gaps.It eliminates the shortcomings of strip shrinkage caused easily during the second installation of pvc strip and increases of the sound insulation, insulation and other sealing effect of window and doors.And the color of the strip can be produced according to the architectural style so that the finished product is more natural, more beautiful and more favored by the users.


colorful co extrusion profiles with rubber

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