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Colorful Profiles Comparision
Jun 16, 2017

Colorful Profiles Comparision


First, The introduction of three kinds of colorful plastic profiles

1. Double color co-extruded profiles


The two-color co-extruded surface is a layer of colored film PMMA, and verythick, it is directly along with PVC molding. PMMA's anti-sun performance is much better than PVC.Compared with PVC, double color co-extrusion profiles anti-sun and anti-weather perfor---mance is better. At the same time double color co-extruded mold is very expensive,   and need two screw extrusion devices. If you want to change another color from the  current color ,will need to squeeze a lot of material, therefore waste a lot of raw mate-rials.So each color should have a minimum order to open the machine.

2. Full color profiles


There are two kinds of production way for full color profiles.One is add color inside pvcand mix color overall.The othe kind is bleeding color through pvc surface.             No matter which way, it is easy to fade color.

3. Laminated Profiles.


Press the special simulated wood grain color film in white or other color profiles on both sides or single side using heating and mechanical coating method by laminated machine.The method is to make plastic profiles to achieve the most reasonable color visual effects, the most environmentally friendly longest life method.



Second: the comparion of three three kinds of colorful profiles

Product series



Double color co-extrusion profiles

The surface is bright

When low temperature, doors and windows are easy to crack

Full color upvc profiles         

when low temperature, no crack, no aging

Will fade color when high temperature

Wood laminated upvc profiles 

Production is mature,anti- tough, anti-wear, anti-aging

 Surface color is rich (wood, etc.)

Price is high



In a word:

Actually, no matter manufacture upvc profiles or whole window,  there are mostly two important actors. One is the structural strength of the profile, mechanical properties. The second is its quality and stability

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