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Canadian Customers Choose Our PVC Concrete Formwork
Aug 18, 2017

Why choose pvc concrete formwork?


PVC concrete formwork Characteristic:

1. Smooth and Clean. After the demoulding, the surface smoothness of the concrete structure exceeds the technical requirement of the existing clear water formwork, and the plastering is not required for the second time;

2. Light and Easy. The PVC concrete formwork can be saw, planed, drilled and nailed, and can be arbitrarily made into any geometric shapes to meet the requirements of various building formwork;

3. Stable weather resistance. The mechanical strength is high, from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius temperature conditions, no shrinkage, no wet expansion, no cracking, no deformation, size stability, alkali resistance, corrosion protection, waterproof, pest control, mice;

4. Reduce costs. The number of reused times is more than the flat die is not less than 30 times, the column beam formwork is not less than 40 times, and the use cost is low.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection. Leftover materials and waste templates can be recycled , and zero waste can be discharged.



Name:PVC concrete formwork

Quantity:15 tons (20 GP); 27 tons(40HQ);

Color:Dark Gray;

Size:915x1830mm;1220 x 2440mm;

Density : 0.7 g/cm³


pvc concrete formworkpvc concrete formwork

pvc concrete formworkpvc concrete formwork

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