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Development And Application Of Energy-saving Aluminium Profiles For Insulating Strip Building
Apr 25, 2017

With the implementation of the National Building energy-saving policy, aluminum alloy broken hot-cold bridge doors and windows are more and more widely used, the current insulation aluminum market, there are two types of thermal insulation production technology: one is from the European wear-strip insulation technology, the other is from the North American plastic injection-insulation technology. European wear-style and North American pouring heat insulation aluminum profiles have better thermal insulation performance, both in comparison, the wear-insulated aluminum profiles can easily realize the inside and outside the double-color windows and doors system to meet customer high aesthetic requirements, but its equipment limited product cross-section is larger, the door and window cost is high; plastic-insulated aluminium profile is compact, small and beautiful, the cross-section is relatively small, can save the aluminum volume, but cut the metal bridge after the deformation of large profiles, cutting bridge noise, so the process of poor environmental performance and large aluminum loss, Large cross-section profiles and internal and external double-color windows and doors system to achieve difficulties. At present, some of the larger aluminum plant in our country have introduced and produced both of these technologies and equipments. To promote the development and progress of heat insulation and energy-saving aluminium material in China has played a great role in promoting, after many years of practice, we found that they are both defects and limitations, so the development of a new type of thermal insulation aluminum profiles and windows and doors system becomes imminent.

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