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Discussion On The Quality Of Wearing Strip Insulation Aluminium Doors And Windows
Apr 25, 2017

Wear-insulated aluminum alloy profiles are the traditional one in two, and then use two low thermal conductivity of the insulation bar, through mechanical composite means, and then separate aluminum profiles connected, in this way to solve the aluminum doors and windows profiles heat conduction energy consumption. This insulation aluminium doors and windows has been used in Europe for more than 30 years, especially in the material selection, structure and quality control of the special insulating strip for aluminium doors and windows, and accumulated mature experience in force, connection, sealing and so on, and set up a set of technical standards. Referring to the relevant European standards, China has enacted the National technical standards for insulating aluminium profiles. However, there are still many unsatisfactory places in the production and use of insulating aluminium doors and windows in our country. In the market feedback of various information, inferior aluminum doors and windows products, especially the quality of the profile insulation strip is the most prominent, which not only causes the market confusion, often caused disputes, but also the quality of the project is not guaranteed to harm the interests of consumers.

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