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How To Tell The Pros And Cons When Buying Upvc Window
Nov 21, 2017


The first step, we must first understand the selection of plastic PVC doors and windows.

 UPVC profiles is the decisive factor in the quality and grade of plastic pvc doors and windows.A good UPVC profiles should be reasonably designed multi-cavity, wall thickness, formula contains anti-aging, anti-UV additives and from the surface, it should be smooth surface.

In particular, reminding everyone that there are many people think that plastic windows are the same white. It is not true, the upscale UPVC profiles should be white in the pan-blue.Under this color, there will be no aging, discoloration, deformation within 30~50 years. The middle and low profile is yellow in white, this color sunscreen ability is poor. After a few years, it will become more yellowing. the use of a few years will become more yellow until aging, deformation, brittle fracture, the reason is that too much calcium profile formulations.It will go aging, deformation, embrittlement, the reason is that too much calcium profile formula.


The second step, depends on the hardware used in the selection of doors and windows. High-end doors and windows of hardware are made of metal, its internal strength, appearance, use of a direct impact on the performance of doors and windows. Many middle and low steel selection of plastic hardware, the quality and life there is a great risk

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