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My Italy Friend’s Upvc And Aluminum Window System
Aug 23, 2017

upvc and aluminum window system

Italy’s climate is very gentle.It belongs to Europe countries and have highly requirement on heat insolation.All upvc profiles must use lead free.My Italy friend opened five molds from us.

Two upvc profile molds and three aluminum profiles.For pvc mold with a square hole, this production is very difficult.Since square hole did not enter valve pipe,only can be cooled naturally.So at the first time ,we made adjustment method as above picture and add a chamber in the bottom chamber to help pull the hole.but the hold is still not perfect.


upvc and aluminum window system 

After negotiation we adjust the mold as below:

This time, the hole will be pulled out perfectly.Will update news after the whole system are finished.

upvc and aluminum window system

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