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Optimization Of Sulfate Galvanized Pipe
Apr 25, 2017

Because the plating crystallization is not meticulous enough, dispersion ability and deep plating capacity is poor, so only suitable for geometric shape simple pipe and wire plating. The process of sulfate galvanization Zn-FE alloy is optimized for the traditional zinc plating process, and only the main salts zinc sulfate is retained and the remainder of the components are discarded. In the composition of the new process, the appropriate amount of iron salts, so that the original single-metal coating formation of zinc alloy plating. The reorganization of the craft not only carries forward the advantages of high current efficiency and fast deposition rate, but also makes the dispersion ability and deep plating ability greatly improved, and the complex parts cannot be plated, and the simple and complex parts can be plated now, and the protection performance is 3 ~ 5 times higher than the single metal. The production practice proves that the plating grains are more refined and brighter than the original, and the deposition rate is fast in continuous plating of wire rod and tubing. 3 ~ 2 min plating thickness to meet the requirements.

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