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Plastic Formwork Advantages
Jun 21, 2017

Plastic Formwork is a kind of energy-saving and green products, is an innovation light formwork after the wood template, the combination of steel formwork, bamboo glued template, all steel large template. Can completely replace the traditional steel formwork, wood template, square wood and save energy and protect environment,  besides amortization cost is low.

Eight major Advantages:

First, smooth. no need to plaster twice, save cost and save materials

Second, light and easy to install. Light weight, process adaptability, can be sawing, planing, drilling, nails, can be any composition of any geometric shape to meet the needs of various shapes of building support.

Third, easy stripping. Concrete does not stick to the board, no release agent, easy stripping, easy to clean.

Fourth, stable weather. High mechanical strength, in the -20 ℃ to +60 ℃ temperature conditions, do not shrink, do not swell, no cracking, no deformation, dimensional stability, alkali corrosion, fire retardant, anti-rodent pest control.

Five, conducive to conservation. The template does not absorb water, no special maintenance or custody.

Six, strong variability. The type, shape and specifications can be customized according to the requirements of the building.

Seven, reduce costs. The number of turnaround, the plane mold is not less than 30 times, the column beam mold is not less than 40 times, the use of low cost.

Eight, energy saving and environmental protection. Scrap and waste template can be recycled, zero waste emissions.

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