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Plastic Formwork Technical Requirements
Jul 27, 2017

1, Projects selected specifications: 915mm × 1830mm × (10-20) mm, 1220mm × 2440mm × (10-20) mm and the shape and size PVC formworks Shaped PVC formwork according to the construction design needs. Before using the PVC formwork for all checks, the PVC formwork surface should be clean, smooth, there should be no cracks, delamination, dislocation, spines, dents and deep scratches.Deviation of PVC formwork external dimensions, thickness, end surface, etc. must comply with the relevant provisions.


2, Placed off site requirements: Place site must be cleared of erection site debris, keeping the ground level, and the ground in accordance with the PVC formwork (915mm × 1830mm) length 35m spacing reasonable place wooden; height board stacking height must not exceed ≤1.5 m (150 sheets, triple)Temperature above 25 ℃ must be stamped with shade cloth to prevent heat exposure PVC formwork camber deformation (in high temperature ,water and shade cloth to cover the mold surface cooling treatment), from direct sunlight so that the board can absorb the reaction temperature, thus affecting life of PVC formwork; PVC formwork requirements neatly stacked.

3,The transfer of PVC formwork get off should be based on the PVC formwork Size classification place,The person responsible for it,in order to avoid mutual string wrong site.Thereby increasing the random data field to replace the current board of required job board,will increase over normal wear and tear of PVC formwork.

Plastic FormworkPlastic Formwork

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