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Technical Performance Analysis Of Strip-insulated Aluminium Profile Equipment
Apr 25, 2017

Theoretically, the longer the insulating bar of the thermal insulation profiles, the better the insulation performance of the profile. But the insulation strip is limited by its own strength and production process and stability. At present, the most well-known brands in the insulation bar, the shortest length of 12mm, the longest length is 32mm. Wearing the equipment in daily work we use more than the heat insulation bars are 14.8mm,20mm,22mm, such as three kinds of heat insulation bars. Aluminum profiles of the insulation groove and the head of the size of the insulation strip, after years of groping has formed a standardized size, design can be used. Especially to indicate that the insulation groove of aluminum profiles not only take into account with the insulation bar, but also prolong the life of aluminum extrusion dies, reduce the surface coating cracks after rolling, it is conducive to the roller teeth to ensure the insulation material shear performance of these three factors.

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