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Technical Performance Distraction Of Strip-insulated Aluminium Profiles Equipment
Apr 25, 2017

Door and Window technology: The technical analysis of the wearing strip insulation aluminium profiles The insulation is used in mechanical composite way to connect 2 aluminum profiles inside and outside into a unified overall. Because of the wearing of insulation aluminum-shaped doors and windows, curtain wall products can significantly improve the effect of insulation, wearing a piece of equipment can reduce the large number of building insulation energy consumption, effectively reduce carbon emissions. Said the wearing of the insulation aluminum profiles, you have to say the heat insulation bar. Mainstream insulation strip main ingredients for polyamide nylon (PA66) +25% fiberglass, commonly known as PA66GF25 insulation strip, the thermal insulation strip and aluminum expansion coefficient closest, anti-aging performance is good, stable, wearing a piece of equipment in the door and window curtain wall industry accumulated a good reputation. And recently, the unscrupulous manufacturers use PVC insulation material to produce the insulation profiles, which will bring enormous security risks. The following illustration is an experimental comparison of two insulating strips, which indicates that the use of PA66GF25 insulation bars is a guarantee of product quality.

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