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The Advantages Of The PVC Profiles
Nov 18, 2017

1.Water proof: our Products are water proof and do not expand, contract or warp when they come in touch with water.

2.Fire Retardant: our profile not burn itself: the product extinguishes immediately when the external flame source is removed. It has got an “A” class fire rating.

3.Excellent weather ability: the weather has no effect on PVC building materials. Problems like rotting, rust, etc. just don’t apply. Even in special conditions. Coast areas(Salt,Storm,Sun), PVC is more applicable.

4.Anti UV: our profile has a good UV protection function, can give you a comfortable and healthy life.

5.Thermal Insulation: our profile is designed with chamber style, has a good heat insulation performance. Its heat transfer coefficient is low, so I can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

6.Durability: our profile are very durable and last more than 40 years without color changes, damaged, etc.

7.Green environment Protection: our profile use green formula and raw material (no lead), it is harmless to your healthy and environment.


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