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The Preparation For Construction
Jul 28, 2017

1. The necessary installation tools:

(1) Hand electric drill, (36-37 mm hole drill);

(2) Hand saws (with serration alloy saw blade);

(3) The welding gun;

(4)Welding rod;

(5) Flashlight plane; 

(6) Nail spent long (mm); 

(7) Common garden nails (7-10); 

(8) 20 diameter pipe (specifications length 150 mm, including filaments,screw diameter of 40 mm only 20 mm, round head diameter of 35 mm, the thickness of 3 mm rivet pole); 

(9) Hammer ;

(10) Cutting machine; 


(12) Electric hammer drill (7.5 to 10.5 points, 20 mm drill pipe); 

(13) Water sealing rubber strip (2-3 mm thick, the width of 11 mm); 

(14) Double elastic sponge rubber; 

(15) Cellophane tape, etc., the above tools must be equipped with complete before construction.

2.  Construction Site Preparation

 In large construction work, it is necessary to set up professional PVC formwork production barrack, site had better leave special PVC formwork (especially the large shape plate) for assignments section. PVC formwork laid, construction preparation before the PVC formwork approach by engineering, safety director for inspection according to the requirement of the construction organization design about the PVC formwork acceptance and unqualified products shall not be assigned to the team. Experienced and qualified PVC formwork should be in strict accordance with the unit, serial number, model, specification and requirements allocated to each molding team, and head signed by both parties.

Construction Site PreparationConstruction Site Preparation

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