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Waterproof PVC Plastic Formworks
Jul 07, 2017

LANKE PVC plastic construction formwork,because it is strong, durable, reliable, much longer service life ( reuse more than 30 times),  it can be cut by saw, nailed just same as plywood board, very convenient and simple to use, very fast to assemble, can be reclaimed and no pollution to environment, and since its length can be tailor-made as per clients request, thus it is widely used at civil building construction sector, and it is sustainable best formwork and very good at constructing overhead concrete bridge/high way/ railway where need single piece length much longer and enough strong and light concrete shuttering board.



 Waterproof PVC Plastic formworks

1) a new kind of construction material which can replace plywood,steel formwork and other building material. Its widely used in concrete construction.

2) made by PVC and wood powder, added with special additives and extruded at high temperature.



1. Excellent physical and chemical properties, better than wood dimensional stability,  no wood knots, hard surface.

2. Can be sawed, planing, can be bonded, can be fixed with nails or screws, easy to repair.

3. Waterproof, mothproof, anti-rat bite, Midoni, Corrosion resistance.

4. Products can be recycled, but also biodegradable, environmentally friendly.


Product Details


The building formwork is a temporary supporting structure, producing by the design, make concrete structure, components according to the required location, geometry shape, to maintain its in correct position, and to bear the weight of the construction template and the role of the external load on it.


The purpose of the template project is to ensure the quality of concrete construction and construction safety, speed up the construction schedule and reduce project costs. safe green energy-saving products.


Nowadays pvc formwork board has entered into the construction market all over the world, finally, it will be the best material in construction field.

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