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What Is Plastic Upvc Doors And Windows Profiles?
Nov 09, 2017

UPVC doors and windows are made of PVC (PVC) resin as the main raw steel, plus a percentage of the stabilizer, colorants, fillers, UV absorbent, by extrusion, and then through cutting, welding or screwed to the window frame made of fan installed on the sealant, hair, hardware and so on, at the same time to enhance the profile the rigid, over a certain length within the cavity of the profile to add steel (reinforcement), this is called windows made of steel doors and windows.

At present, there are many kinds of plastic steel doors and windows, which are classified as open windows, flat doors, sliding windows, sliding doors, fixed windows, rotary windows, etc..

According to the structure classification: single glass, double glass doors and windows.

According to the classification of color: color (white or colored), double color (co extrusion, film or coating).



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