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What Is Pvc Concrete Formwork?
Jul 05, 2017

PVC construction template, plastic template, also called wood plastic template model steel template.
PVC building template is a kind of energy-saving and green environmental protection product, is the wooden template, combination steel template, bamboo gluing template, all steel template and a new generation of products.Can completely replace the traditional steel template, wooden template, the wood, energy conservation, environmental protection, amortization cost is low.


PVC construction template turns can reach more than 30 times, also can be recycled.Strong adaptability, large range of temperature adaptation and specification can be sawing, drilling, easy to use.Template surface flatness, smoothness than the technical requirements of the existing concrete template, flame retardant, the function of the corrosion, water resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and electrical insulation performance.Can meet all kinds of cuboids and cubes, L, U the shuttering of buildings.
PVC building template is in the digestion and absorption of advanced European equipment manufacturing technology and high processing experience based on adhering to the advanced products and technology, through the high temperature of 200 ℃ extrusion composite materials.
Processing and manufacturing process
1, the edges with waste wood slag powder, chopped wood and wood, PVC resin, calcium carbonate, stabilizer (YQ101 / YQ102), yellow (MSV - 206) of foaming agent, foam regulator (MS - 107), the internal and external lubricants, plasticizer (3316 a), enhanced toughening agent agent (NCR61), toughened agent (PM40) and some other processing AIDS high-speed mixing.
2, in through the extruder, die extrusion molding.
Wood plastic template after use can be crushed into powder as raw materials processed into wood plastic template, and then reused.That can be recycled repeatedly, responded to an appeal by the state environmental protection.


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