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Why Need Wood Laminated Profiles
Jul 07, 2017

1.The aging of the white profile.

In order to overcome the long-term problem existing in the PVC doors and windows, that is white pvc profiles is easy to go aging.A high anti-weather colorful window film came into being.This film coated on the PVC profile surface can largely resist the sun impact on upvc windows and doors,therefore protect the plastic upvc window and doubly extend the life of plastic doors and windows.

2. Buildings need to be personalized.

With a high-performance decorative film on the surface can achieve a new design concept:

Surface color and texture produce perfect visual effects;

Colorful wood can highlight the appearance of the building;

So that doors and windows match the building style ;

To achieve design diversification and meet the individual needs.

3.Laminated craft is mature and used widely.

Laminating process can be applied to a variety of profiles substrate, such as PVC plastic profiles, aluminum profiles, steel and other pipeline profiles.

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